Electoral Court will ask Udelar to remove Yes propaganda in the Faculty of Architecture

The Electoral Court will ask the University of the Republic (Udelar) to remove the canvas hanging on the facade of the architecture facuiltywith a propaganda in favor of the Yes to the repeal of 135 articles of the Law of Urgent Consideration (LUC), informed The country and confirmed to The Observer the Minister of the Court, José Garchitorena.

The President of the Court, José Arocena, will communicate with the rector of Udelar, Rodrigo Arim, for that requestso that there is no electoral propaganda in the Udelar buildings.

For the same issue, the Colorado deputy Felipe Schipani sent a note to the Dean of Architecture, Marcelo Danza, to remove the poster that calls for voting Yes. “The university belongs to everyone, regardless of what each one votes for. We hope that the dean in defense of secularism enforces the Constitution and orders the withdrawal”, said the representative.

A few days ago a poster was removed from the Faculty of Law, with the legend: “At the university we vote yes”. The fact merited a tweet from the Minister of Education and Culture, Pablo da Silveira. “A cartel that cancels and excludes. It leaves out all those linked to UdelaR who are not in favor of the Yes. And it ignores through language all the other universities that exist in the country, including that other public university, and from the interior, which is UTEC. A pity”, he wrote then.

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