JNE will designate the third member of the JEE of Lima Centro in a lottery next Monday, January 31

Elections 2022: JNE will organize nine regional second-round debates from November 17 to 19

The National Elections Jury (JNE) will organize, from November 17 to 19, nine electoral debates in person with the candidates who made it to the regional second round in the context of the 2022 Regional and Municipal Elections.

In an interview with JNE TV, Milagros Suito Acuña, national director of Education and Citizen Civic Training (DNEF) of the electoral body, said that in these sessions the 18 applicants will have the opportunity to present their work plans for the next four years (2023-2026).

He urged the candidates to carry out a campaign based on proposals and ideas, leaving aside the attacks between one and the other, so that voters can cast a responsible and informed vote.

Suito Acuña indicated that citizens will participate in the debates, thanks to the campaign “Ask your candidate”in which they will be able to interact in person with the candidates and they will respond to their concerns according to the thematic axes of the social, economic, environmental and institutional dimensions.

He pointed out that the coordinators of Educational Actions of the DNEF are responsible for ensuring that these activities are carried out in an organized manner.

It is important to highlight that the electoral debates will have sign language translation in all regions, as well as retransmission and translation into native languages ​​such as Quechua, Awajun and Aymara in five regions of the country.

In this way, one of the commitments assumed by the political organizations when signing the Electoral Ethical Pact of the JNEreferring to the presentation of proposals in this type of event, with the purpose of achieving an informed vote of the population.


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