Caravana del Orgullo LGBTIQ Dominicano será el 10 de julio

Dominican LGBTIQ Pride Caravan will be on July 10

Santo Domingo – The Volunteer Network of Amigos Siempre Amigos (REVASA) and Amigos Siempre Amigos (ASA), in conjunction with the group of organizations of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, intersex and queer men and women in the Dominican Republic , announced a date change for the Dominican LGBTIQ Pride Caravan,

“After evaluating with the team that organized the Dominican LGBTIQ Pride Caravan and Concert, we have made the decision to move the date of its realization to Sunday, July 10, at the same time. These changes are produced as a result of the rains forecast by ONAMET for this weekend and that could put the activity at risk”, explained Daniel Benitez, director of REVASA.

In this edition of the National Caravan of Dominican GLBTIQ Pride, its organizers will celebrate 15 years of the long-awaited event.

“15 years have passed since that June 28, 2008, in which some brave men and women, about 15 to be exact, dared to show our faces and begin what has become the most important mobilization event in the Caribbean. , and at this precise moment it is more important than ever to go out, become visible and claim what has traditionally been denied us in order to favor other sectors”, said Leonardo Sánchez, director of ASA and social activist.

Along the same lines, Daniel Benítez stated that “15 years later there are thousands of us who, without fear, dare to go out and show our faces, and although many things have changed since that first caravan, LGBTIQ people continue to be objects of discrimination in work, at school, in health and even in the family”.

Similarly, Sánchez warned that hate crimes and the expulsion of minors from homes and families still continue. “It is that the governments that we have had have governed with their backs on our community, or have not done enough to create policies and laws that protect against discrimination.”

Meanwhile, Francisco Rollins, floor coordinator of the concert to be held as part of the celebration, pointed out that the call is made “not only for the LGBTIQ, but also for the men and women who believe in democracy, the respect, acceptance, human rights and freedom, in order to join this festival of human diversity, and so that it can be enjoyed by all the inhabitants of Santo Domingo”.

Likewise, Benítez insisted that the organizations participating in the Caravan, “promote and defend the rights of GLBTIQ people, and celebrate this social, playful and vindictive manifestation of the rights that correspond to us for being Dominicans and that are enshrined in our Constitution”.

The 15th GLBTIQ Pride Caravan will start at Avenida del Puerto at 2 in the afternoon and will tour different sectors of the city of Santo Domingo, ending with a great concert at Eugenio María de Hostos Park, starting at 6 pm.

Similarly, the colorful activity will have the support of various institutions of Dominican civil society, as well as public institutions, international organizations and embassies.

Among the special guests will be the king and queen of the Dominican GLBTIQ Pride 2022, Jairo Argenis Segura and Jazmín Zucherry. Likewise, the artistic part will feature a diversity of artists from different genres, highlighting The Casa de Azar Vogue Group, Juliette Flores, the Punta Cana PRIDE Drag Team, La Kisty, Jazmín Zucherry and the Zucherry family.

Chica Permiso, Garvella, Fernando Bruno, Koke el Rutero, La Perversa, Dj Santos, Vixen and Mariposa will also present their artistic talents.

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