"Do not touch Falcao, idols are not touched"

"Do not touch Falcao, idols are not touched"

The bet of the Colombian coach, Nestor Lawrenceby players with experience for the new stage of the Colombian team was highly applauded by whoever was a star in that country, Carlos Valderrama. Speaking to ESPNadvocated respect for the most representative players in the country.

“TO falcao you have to leave him, let him go alone. Do not touch it, idols are not touched. As long as he wants, and we in Colombia we have few idols, that is one of the great ones. The day he doesn’t want to be in the national team, he’s going to raise his hand. He contributes not only in the dressing room, he also scores goals. TO Falcao, James and Cuadrado don’t touch them,” he said.

And he added that “the renewal of the selection of Colombia It’s going well, because when there are experienced, quality players who are still playing, then the other guys come. This renewal has to happen now and it’s the only way to get anything done. I will support until the end.”

He also referred to the coach. “The thing about Nestor Lawrence there is. He already knows the country and players because he was in the process of the teacher pekerman. So let’s go little by little. We have to support to return to world. He started off well because he is undefeated. The critics will come. He started a new project, he has not lost and they are already criticizing him. I have not noticed him scared, he goes ahead, ”he said.

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