Venezuela rejects new Israeli attack on Palestinian territory

Venezuela refuses to politicize human rights

Through a statement, the chancellor of the republic, Yván Gil, rejected the false accusations made by the International Fact-Checking Mission, in addition to the political use of international human rights mechanisms during the 52nd Session of the Human Rights Council. Human Rights of the United Nations Organization.

The letter was published through the Venezuelan diplomat’s twitter, which states that while Venezuela is advancing more and more in dialogue and cooperation with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, “the infamous Fact-Finding Mission intends to to continue misrepresenting reality with false media matrixes, aimed at encouraging the most extremist groups that constantly try to disturb the peace and attack the country’s democratic institutions”.

Likewise, it details that these actions simply correspond to the intentions of interference.

“To double standards and the political use of international human rights mechanisms, with the sole purpose of continuing to attack Venezuelan institutions, as part of the policy of regime change, promoted by the United States authorities.”

In addition, it points out that the Bolivarian nation does not recognize and will not recognize mechanisms or instances of protection “such as this hostile mission that squanders the resources of the UN that transgresses the principles and purposes enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, the pertinent resolutions of the General Assembly and other relevant instruments”.

In the letter, the foreign minister reiterated Venezuela’s willingness and commitment to continue cooperating with the Human Rights Council and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, “always on the basis of genuine dialogue and in strict adherence to the principles of objectivity, non-selectivity, impartiality, respect for sovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs”.

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