Delivery: which dishes were the most ordered in Peru this 2022?

Delivery: which dishes were the most ordered in Peru this 2022?

the platform of PedidosYa published its trend report for this year online, in which it highlighted the most requested dishes in the Peruvian market, as well as the months of the year with the highest demand. How was that behavior?

Before mentioning consumer preferences during 2022, the company highlighted in its report having had a 45% growth compared to the 2021 period.

“We closed 2022 with a growth of more than 45% and with quick-commerce almost doubling its billing vs. 2021. This trend of making purchases of immediate need to receive them in minutes was very strongly consolidated in 2022 and will undoubtedly continue to grow in the coming years. Quick-commerce, which is the evolution of e-commerce, is here to stay and we aim for a third of the orders we receive in Latin America to be from quick-commerce by 2030,” said Esteban Gutiérrez, CEO of PedidosYa.

favorite dishes

In accordance with orders NOWThe most requested dish was the grilled chicken, specifically the personal portion.

“The ¼ of with potatoes was the most requested dish in Peru this 2022″, highlighted the company.

According to the trend report, the top 5 of the most requested products in Peru between January and November 2022 is made up of:

1. ¼ chicken with potatoes

2. Cheeseburger

3. Chi Jau Kay

4. Chicken broth

5. Creole soup

The franchises with the most orders

The ‘top 3’ of the franchises that received the most orders in 2022 was led by Bembosthe popular Peruvian hamburger chain.

The aforementioned hamburger chain was followed by Popeyes and Norkys.

In addition, the store that received the most orders throughout the year was Siete Sopas on Av. Angamos in Lima.

Other aspects that the company highlighted were that November and August were the months in which the most orders were made and that the time in which the most orders were made in 2022 was at 8 p.m.

In addition, the cities that led the demand by number of orders were Lima, Arequipa and Trujillo, while the maximum distance traveled in Peru to deliver an order in 2022 was 48 km.

“On the other hand, in Peru, all the app’s business verticals grew compared to last year: digital supermarkets, PedidosYa Market by 182%, followed by restaurants and PedidosYa Envíos (courier) with 70% and finally, stores/supermarkets by 30% compared to last year”, reported the company.


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