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Mónica Castañe, mother of the young Belén Whittingslow, warned that she will go on a hunger strike so that justice can be ruled on the unconstitutionality action filed against the arrest warrant in the framework of the case of buying notes from the Catholic University.

Mónica Castañe, mother of the young Belén Whittingslow, explained that an arrest warrant was applied to his daughter -in the case of the alleged purchase of UCA notes- which is still in force but is totally illegal. The young woman is in character refugee in Uruguay since 2019.

“The country does not offer him legal guarantees, they left him without legal status. If she comes to the country, they will put her in jail. It is an aberration”, he questioned.

He said that just after three long years and 12 urges, the Supreme Court of Justice will finally study the action brought by the young Belén Whittingslow. “Justice never respected the deadlines, they never resolved the action of unconstitutionality,” he added.

Castañe demanded that the Court rule before March 8 on the action of unconstitutionality because after that date the Constitutional Chamber will disintegrate because Antonio Fretes will leave the Court. “I’m not going to let you miss the deadline. I am willing to even go on a hunger strike. Whatever happens, I am not going to stop, always respecting the laws,” he added.

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Belén is currently a refugee in Uruguay after the complaint he made for harassment against Christian Kriskovichformer president of the Jury for the Prosecution of Magistrates and professor at the Faculty of Law at the UCA.

His mother indicated that after the court ruling that he considered that the teacher only “wooed and courted” her, the reprisals came, since Kriskovich sued his daughter and demands 450 thousand dollars for damages to his image. In addition, the teacher included Belén in a group of students who supposedly they bought notes; It is for this case that the arrest warrant exists.

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