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José Offerman, finally!

Let’s celebrate the choice of José Antonio Offerman as manager of the year in the regular season of the current autumn-winter baseball tournament, in the official award ceremony of the Dominican Baseball League (Lidom).

As in the projection to determine who would take first place in the standings between Tigres del Licey and Águilas Cibaeñas, likewise, opinions were divided to predict exactly which leader would be designated as the best of that stage.

In the end, the commander of the blue troop received the distinction by receiving 37 votes, while José Leger, the yellow foreman, received 32 votes.

Many understand that finishing in first place weighed the most on the voters’ decision. In my case I think that in addition to that, we must see those 34 wins that equaled a mark in a 50-game regular season.

But let’s do a little history with this man who at the helm of that franchise has been crowned champion twice.

Do you remember a past season in which Offerman was given the team before the start and for the entire season?

If you don’t remember it, it’s because it has never happened before. Even I had doubts when I reflected on the subject without knowing what were the reasons why a blue icon had not received that opportunity.

On this occasion, since the month of March Offerman was ratified for the 2022-2023 campaign, and as if to silence the mouths of those who opposed, he began to build the success he reaps today.
Once Epifanio Guerrero, super scout gone untimely, told me about today’s leader of the year that he was left alone in a situation in which he found himself involved. His words were, “His coaches didn’t protect him from him.”

At that time he was set aside, but he patiently waited for that opportunity, which he is making the most of today, amply demonstrating that he has blue blood and that he is capable of being successful throughout the year.
At the time we write this, we cannot say how the season will end, but we can assure you that José Offerman has resurfaced, proving to be a professional and a man of this ball. Congratulations!

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