Daniela Mercury on Cosse: "I really liked his work and his story"

Brazilian singer Daniela Mercury will perform this Sunday at the municipal festival Here we are and prior to that, he participated in a press conference together with the mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, and other artists to present the activity. Mercury said that before getting involved in any event that arises from politics, he finds out who is driving it and he did the same with Cosse.

“We wanted to know what Carolina’s work was like. That she is a democrat. Whenever I am going to do something related to politics, I always want to know who the person is. I really liked her work, her story. The friends from Brazil acted very well of his political career,” he said at a press conference that Telemundo reported.

Asked if she spoke to President Lula Da Silva, she replied: “Lula? They spoke highly of Carolina. Other parties too, because I am not linked to anyone. I am a democrat (…) Our democracy was suffering too much because we were with an authoritarian government”, referring to the government of Jair Bolsonaro.

On the other hand, he said that it will be “a surprise to know if people remember my songs or not”. Though he understands that the newer releases got here via streaming. “It’s interesting to go out and have people talk to me with so much love. To get here and feel that people know my music,” she said.

In addition, he said he adore Montevideo and is “taking advantage of it to get to know the city once more”, since he recently found out that his great-grandmother was born here. Going to see a candombe show is on his to-do list.

Regarding the show that he will give on Sunday, he indicated: I expect a great party, a great musical meeting of musical diversity. I feel like a guest, because they are much more Uruguayan than Argentine and I am from Brazil.”

The investment that sparked the controversy

This Tuesday the IM made public the resolution of the payment to the two international artists: Lali Espósito, whose performance will cost US$ 256,478 and of Daniela Mercury for which the commune will pay US$ 62,387.

On Monday the IM had made public the contracts with these artists, but I had not published the amounts. However, this Tuesday a new document was issued stating that “In the operative part, it was omitted to indicate how much the total cost of the contract amounts to.” The disclosed costs include the Non-Resident Income Tax (IRNR) and VAT that will be exempted.

“The objective of the event, in addition to enjoying a great quality show, is break traditional paradigms and promote representativeness, leadership and equal opportunities in culture so that the voice of women is heard within the music industry,” the IM argued about the spending.

After some criticism for the cache that Lali Esposito and Daniela Mercury will charge the mayor Carolina Cosse, maintained that there are “reasonings of doubtful validity” behind those sayings.

“I have seen that there are some reasonings that establish that what the cost of the cache of an artist It is equivalent to such a thing or to that other, and I want to say that these are arguments of dubious validity, if we want democracy and progress to progress“She said this Friday at a press conference in which she was accompanied by most of the artists who will perform at the festival.

Cosse said that in addition to the festival, the Municipality also works in the most needy neighborhoods, it works making streets, infrastructure, squares “.

“The mayor’s office is going to develop Montevideo Se Adelanta this year, the mayor’s office is illuminating all of Montevideo, it redoubles its health policy, its support for food, it has just received an international award for its policy of promoting healthy eating, with four other cities,” he said.

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