Customs Cooperative puts a mobile warehouse at the service of its members

The National Cooperative of Multiple Services of Customs Employees (Coopsema), has made a new benefit available to its members in order to continue offering facilities that contribute to raise the quality of life of its thousands of members.

Is about “The Mobile Cellar”which is added to the already established Bodeguita Aduanera, located at the headquarters of the General Directorate of Customs (DGA) and the Puerto Rico Supermarket, which is located in the Alma Rosa I sector of Santo Domingo Eastwhich for several years have been offering opportunities to the members of the cooperative for the acquisition of basic necessities on credit and at low cost.

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With the Bodeguita Móvil, the prices of the products offered by the cooperative to its members are now even cheaper by subtracting the cost of time and transportation “With the mobile wine cellar we take the items to our partners wherever they are” said the president of the solidarity entity Lisandro Munoz Jimenez.

He said that an example of these was last May, when on the occasion of Mother’s Day “since Thursday the 26th our mobile winery traveled through the different administrations of our mother company, where hundreds of partners acquired quality products at the best prices”.

“This time we prepare several combos, ranging from 650 pesosthrough which our associates were able to acquire basic products such as rice, beans, oil, tomato sauce, spaghetti, eggs, among many others” indicated Muñoz.

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