Cruz turns 3 years of interim, was silent in 10 events that affected the MAS

Cruz turns 3 years of interim, was silent in 10 events that affected the MAS

Juan Perez Munguia / La Paz

The Ombudsman, Nadia Cruz, completes three years of internship in the institution. Former human rights defenders and specialists observe her management in office and pointed out that she showed her “partiality” with the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) by remaining silent on at least 10 key facts that affected that party.

The facts identified are: the excesses of the Police against demonstrators in October 2019, the death of two civilians in Montero, the death of Limbert Guzmán in Cochabamba, the death of Julio Llanos, the attack in Vila Vila, the attack with weapons in Playa Verde, the burning of police precincts and the death of Sergeant Alcón, the burning of houses, the blockades that prevented the passage of oxygen in 2020 and the Las Londras case.

After the resignation of David Tezanos from the position of defender, the majority of the MAS in the Legislative Assembly designated Cruz as temporary in the position on January 30, 2019.

To date, the defender has broken records for internships, since the longest in the institution lasted one year and five months. In addition, she is in the position longer than the Public Official Law establishes.

“Interim officials are those who, provisionally and for a maximum and non-extendable period of 90 days, occupy public positions planned for the administrative career, as long as their performance by career officials is not possible, in accordance with this statute and regulatory provisions” , details article 5 of the standard.

Cruz even exceeded the time that Tezanos remained as a defender, two years and eight months. In turn, May 13 will be six years since the last appointment of a head of the Ombudsman, the maximum time allowed by the Constitution.

Former defender Carmen Ruiz stated that Cruz made clear her militant position with the MAS. She added that this should not have happened, because she questioned her mission in charge of the institution, by not ruling on events involving masistas.

“Nadia Cruz first showed her unconditional adherence to a political project and, second, because the law was not followed (during her internship). In her militancy she has prioritized the interests of the party, it is clear that she did not act in the moments that she had to act, ”she explained.

The former head of the defense entity Rielma Mencias said that the defender was not careful when speaking about some issues that questioned her impartiality, which is why she is being watched.

“The Ombudsman has ceased to have a preponderant role in institutional activity, I think the governments are interested in having that activity (not relevant). (…) Whoever occupies the position of defender has to be prudent, because his work is observed by the citizens and objected to by the government”, he indicated.

Page Seven contacted the communication unit of the Ombudsman to have Cruz’s counterpart. However, the response was that the issue “lacks objectivity and does not deserve a response from an authority.”

the key facts

First, after the 2019 elections, there were times when police repressed protesters who denounced fraud. On October 22, several people were injured, one of them was a 16-year-old girl who was shot directly in the head with a tear gas grenade, causing skull fractures.

Second, with the protection of uniformed men, MAS groups mobilized, throwing dynamites and went out to unblock with violence. On October 29, 2019, Julio Llanos, a survivor of the dictatorships, was beaten when a demonstration of miners and peasants passed through El Prado de La Paz. He passed away on November 28.

Thirdon October 30, the death of two civic members was registered in Montero (Santa Cruz), the families point to militants of the ruling party.

Bedroomon November 6 Limbert Guzmán, in Cochabamba, died as a result of a beating -it was denounced- by ​​members of the MAS.

Fifth, on November 9, 2019, a caravan of civic, university students and activists, who left Chuquisaca, suffered an attack in Vila Vila. In that area, people from outside the community used tear gas. The attempted burning of two buses, the taking of 15 hostages, physical assaults and sexual violence against women were reported.

SixthOn November 10, the so-called “mining caravan” that left Potosí for La Paz was attacked at Playa Verde with gunshots. At least five miners were wounded by bullets, “all seriously.”

Seventhafter the resignation of Evo Morales (November 10), groups related to the MAS mobilized, they also burned the house of the former rector of the UMSA Waldo Albarracín and the journalist Casimira Lema.

Eighth, on November 11, 2019, groups related to the MAS attacked police precincts, one of them was the El Alto Regional Command, where Sergeant José Alcón was the victim of a beating. He died four days after the attacks.

Nineththe first week of August 2020, MAS organizations blocked roads in the first wave of the pandemic, an action that, according to the transitional government, led to the death of more than 40 people who were in intensive care.

Tenth, on October 28, 2021, a group of police officers and journalists from five media outlets was ambushed by an irregular armed group in Las Londras (Santa Cruz). They were illegally held for seven hours.

In those events there was no relevant action or pronouncement by Cruz. His position was forceful due to the deaths of Senkata, in the transitional government. His participation was more active for those who died in Sacaba. Even the defender went to the Chapare council, of MAS groups, and she harangued: “Neither forget nor forgive, justice!”, On November 25, 2019.

Nadia Cruz at the Chapare council of coca growers, in November 2019.
Photo: Radio Kawsachun Coca

There is no political will

MAS senator Félix Ajpi, in December 2021, announced a call to elect a new defender in January 2022. However, to date there is no set date to start the process.

Analyst Hugo San Martín stated that there is no political will to elect an authority from the defense entity. He added that in the event of a new call, the government party will elect a person who is functional for it.

“If there is an election, it will be another MAS militant because this is part of the co-optation of state institutions. There is no real political will to be seen,” he emphasized.

The jurist and human rights defender Marco Mendoza expressed that the population must be active in the process of electing the head of the Ombudsman. This is because some opposition legislators showed their irresponsibility in the session for the promotion of the Armed Forces.

“A responsible opposition does not travel to its regions the days before, it is present at the time of the session and even before. But civil society must also claim for the institutionalization of the Ombudsman’s Office, civil society pays the piper and there must be a more active participation”, he said.

She (Cruz) worked with us in part of the management of Rolando Villena, she is an ideological person

Gregory Lance

Lanza: “He is an ideological person”

Conflict management specialist and former Ombudsman official Gregorio Lanza stated that Nadia Cruz worked in part of the management of former defender Rolando Villena. He explained that she was always an “ideologized person” and that she got together with “masista radical” groups.

“She (Cruz) worked with us in part of the management of Rolando Villena, she is an ideological person. (…) Nadia Cruz, before the rise of (Luis) Arce, acts as an official of the MAS, with direct coordination with the MAS and defending its political interests, ”she indicated.

Lanza said that Cruz, by not denouncing the violations committed by the Evo Morales administration, violated the human rights of those affected.

Former defender Carmen Ruiz stated that in past social conflicts it was not seen that a head of the Ombudsman participated in a rally of one of the sectors in conflict, as happened with Cruz when he went to Chapare in November 2019.

He added that these actions of the interim authority of the defense entity, plus others, mean that his voice does not have credibility before part of the citizenry, and that he no longer has the backing of legality and legitimacy.

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