A 19-year-old flower grower, the young man who stole a police car and fled, crashing into a post

A 19-year-old flower grower, the young man who stole a police car and fled, crashing into a post

Young man who stole police patrol.

The events were recorded in Cundinamarca.

Colombia News.

A flower grower from the municipality of Suesca in Cundinamarca, identified as Adrián CR, is the man who stole a police patrol car and fled in it.

Apparently, this individual was under the influence of alcohol.

Young man who stole police patrol in Suesca, Cundinamarca.

The 19-year-old young man took advantage of an oversight by the patrolmen and took the keys to the truck from the police institution and headed for Bogotá.

The uniformed officers attended the case of this man who, in an alleged state of exaltation, attacked one of the houses in the rural area of ​​Buenos Aires.

Police patrol stolen.
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Patrolmen managed to neutralize him and get him into the truck, but in a “blink of an eye”, the citizen took the pilot’s position and fled at high speed.

With the vehicle he travels about 70 kilometers, the distance between Suesca and Bogotá. The most unusual part of the case is that this young man managed to go unnoticed through a toll (Los Robles) and police checkpoints.

He was shirtless and in an apparent state of hallucination, he details TIME.

they captured him

Already being in Biogotá, the young man apparently lost control of the vehicle after falling asleep and crashed into a post on Boyacá Avenue with 56th Street.

In that place the authorities managed to arrest him.

The anti-explosive unit approached the scene and carried out a routine check, but “no foreign element was found in the car,” Colonel Jhon Fernández Díaz reported.

As captured, Adrian was transferred to the URI of the Prosecutor’s Office to answer for the crimes of theft and attempted murder, because in his escape, Rojas injured two patrolmen.

The agents are out of danger, they only suffered some small bumps and scrapes.

It was known that the captured person has no judicial record.

The following is the news report:

Cover Photo: Video Capture

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