Coopsano dona ambulancia  al distrito municipal de Palo Verde

Coopsano donates an ambulance to the municipal district of Palo Verde

Montecristi – The Sabaneta Novillo Savings and Credit Cooperative (COOPSANO), represented by its management bodies and its general manager, formally delivered the donation of an ambulance to the municipal district of Palo Verde, Castañuelas municipality, Montecristi province, to offer services to the communities that are part of it. The activity was carried out with an emotional act together with the community in the premises of that community.

The ambulance, with a value of RDS3, 746,250.00 (three million seven hundred and forty-six thousand two hundred and fifty pesos with 00/100), was requested by the Cooperative District No. 16 of Palo Verde, on behalf of the community and approved unanimously by the assemblies, in Annual General Assembly of Delegates corresponding to the periods 2019-2020, acquired with funds from the surpluses of the Cooperative, corresponding to the year 2021.

Coopsano donates an ambulance to the municipal district of Palo Verde

In the course of this activity, Mr. Francisco Antonio Estévez, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Coopsano, stated that this delivery is carried out with great satisfaction, fulfilling the commitments assumed and knowing that it will meet a great need .

For his part, Mr. Nicanor Rodríguez, general manager of Coopsano, emphasized the social commitment that highlights the actions of this entity, which does not allow them to remain indifferent to the problems of society, pointing out that, as a Cooperative, the philosophy of the institution is based on the principles of solidarity and social promotion.

For the administration of this donation, a board of trustees made up of the following gentlemen: Carlos Regino Reyes, director of the municipal district of Palo Verde; Alberto Almonte, member of Cooperative District No. 16 of Palo Verde; Cleopatra Izquierdo, president of the Federation of Neighborhood Associations; Osvaldo Fernández, president of the Civil Defense and William Faña, president of the Fire Department.

On behalf of all the entities that make up the Ambulance Administration Board, as well as all the residents who live in that district, Mr. Carlos Regino Reyes, director of the Palo Verde municipal district, thanked Coopsano for this important donation.

The event was attended by civil, military and ecclesiastical authorities from the municipality of Castañuelas, as well as members of the press from Montecristi and community members from the area.

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