Daniel Salaverry resigns as ad honorem presidential adviser to Pedro Castillo

Daniel Salaverry resigns as ad honorem presidential adviser to Pedro Castillo

The former presidential candidate This Saturday he presented his letter of resignation as directorof the presidenta position he held for more than five months.

The also former head of the Congress of the Republic announced the news on Twitter and wished Castillo Terrones luck in his management as head of the Executive Power.

Salaverry had been appointed presidential advisor to the Consultative Commission of the Presidential Office on government management, through a publication in the official newspaper El Peruano on March 17.

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Supreme Resolution No. 112-2022-PCM on the appointment of Salaverry had been endorsed by the head of the Council of Ministers, Aníbal Torres, and President Pedro Castillo.

Likewise, the publication detailed that the Presidential Office has an Advisory Commission that “is made up of professionals, specialists or representatives of civil society, of recognized capacity or experience, appointed by Supreme Resolution.”

They add that the appointment to the position of member of the Consultative Commission was honorary and of trust and that it did not disqualify them from performing “any public function or private activity.”

“The position of presidential adviser does not generate a labor relationship of any kind with the Presidential Office, nor do they act in a subordinate relationship and are not included in the Civil Service labor regime,” the document reads.

On the other hand, they mention that the Human Resources office of the Presidential Office reported that Daniel Salaverry “meets the minimum requirements” to act as an ‘ad honorem’ presidential adviser.”

Months earlier, Daniel Salaverry had submitted his irrevocable resignation to the presidency of Perupetro’s board of directors, amid questions about his appointment, after the Comptroller General of the Republic issued a report concluding that he did not meet the requirements to hold the position.


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