Controversial celebration of a goal in Mexico

Controversial celebration of a goal in Mexico

The front Henry Martingoalscorer of America of Mexican soccer, received an economic fine on Tuesday for a celebration in bad taste after scoring last Saturday in the victory of his team, 4-2 over Guadalajara in the closing tournament. The Liga Mx disciplinary commission confirmed the sanction to Martín based on its regulations that prohibit behaviors detrimental to fair play.

After scoring his eleventh goal in the championship, which confirms him as the Clausura’s leading scorers, Martín adopted the position of a dog that urinated on the rival team’s goal, a celebration described as grotesque in the soccer media. In the video (below) it is hardly appreciated because it occurs at the end.

“Club América is warned about the future conduct of its players and coaching staff, since in the event that this type of action occurs again, the disciplinary commission may impose more severe sanctions against them,” said a statement distributed to the media.

Martín, a World Cup player with Mexico in the last World Cup, is one of the best-performing forwards in the league in the last two years, which he confirmed in the Clausura, in which he scored almost one goal per game.

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