Donald Guerrero's companies defend transparency

Donald Guerrero’s companies defend transparency

Puerto Rico. The Axis Automotive Group founded by Donald Guerrero in Puerto Rico, came out in defense of the legality, transparency and integrity of its operations in the market, with more than 27 years of service and being the leader in the automotive market on that island.

“The companies founded by Donald Guerrero in Puerto Rico have almost three decades of service and wide recognition among customers and executives in the automotive industry,” said the Axis Automotive Group through a press release.

He stressed that the seriousness and commitment of each of the 711 collaborators of the group transcend any political persecution that Guerrero may face in the Dominican Republic.

He explained that the companies of the Axis Automotive Group strictly comply with all financial regulations and with their tax obligations, within a framework of transparency.

“We understand valid any cooperation between serious justice officials from the Dominican Republic and those from Puerto Rico, since it will be verified that, as has been seen year after year, the company’s concessionaires lead the market because they adhere meticulously to the financial regulations of the Federal Government of the United States and because they comply with the highest standards of quality, transparency and accounting in the industry”, he pondered.

The statement indicates that a sample of the strength and solidity of the Axis Automotive Group is the fact that in 2022 alone, it sold 12,081 vehicles, ensuring 711 jobs with approximately 216,000 hours of service to its customers. All companies are rigorously audited by RSM Global, an internationally recognized firm with more than 830 offices around the world.

The Axis Automotive Group represents the most famous brands in the United States, Europe and Asia.

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