Congressmen after changes of President Pedro Castillo in 6 ministries: "The Government is unsustainable"

Congressmen after changes of President Pedro Castillo in 6 ministries: “The Government is unsustainable”

criticized the new appointments made by the president in six portfolios, where he kept Aníbal Torres in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers after announcing at the last minute that he did not accept his resignation.

Edward Malaga

Congressman Edwar Málaga (Purple Party) criticized the appointments that Pedro Castillo made in some ministries in the recent partial change of Cabinet, where he did not accept the resignation of Aníbal Torres to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

“I am very disappointed but not surprised, he takes it lightly. It is not possible to announce that the Cabinet is changed and the next day the Prime Minister is not changed… The recycling of ministers not suitable for certain portfolios. Bettsy Chávez in Culture without knowing what credentials, like Salas who now goes to work and will continue to be a squire “he pointed

“Geiner Alvarado López, now at MTC, questioned for being disappointed in his cabinet and also remembering that Bettsy Chávez was censored. At first impression there are several serious questions, and this only confirms that the Government of Pedro Castillo is unsustainable and is doomed to mediocrity because it does not have the capacity that a president should have in this situation”, specifies the parliamentarian.

Malaga assured that the most prepared cadres in the country are not in a position to accept a ministerial portfolio. “Accepting it is accepting the liabilities of the investigations and endorsing this management. Assuming also implies not having the necessary autonomy and being part of this patronage game. In general, this is bad news for the country.“, Add.

Norma Yarrow

For her part, Norma Yarrow mentioned that “this is a mockery”. “In the case of Aníbal Torres, it is a mockery of the country, I assumed that it would happen because it was not an irrevocable resignation. They are scoundrels… Regarding the new ministers, I think that Kurt Burneo is going to have a difficult challenge, but with a president like the one we have and with a chocolate cabinet, we are in the same situation”narrowed down

“I think that the congressmen, in general, who were seeing this, have already made a decision to remove President Pedro Castillo and vacate him once and for all… I wonder if Mr. Alejandro Salas was ever in a ministry or was he simply the spokesman of a president who cannot speak to the press. He has not done anything in the Mincul and now he is going to continue to be the president’s ventriloquist in a difficult portfolio ”, Yarrow finished.

Changes in 6 ministries

  • Miguel Rodriguez Mackay – Minister of Foreign Affairs to replace César Landa.
  • Kurt Burneo – Ministry of Economy and Finance, replacing Óscar Graham.
  • Betsy Chavez – Ministry of Culture to replace Alejandro Salas.
  • Alexander Salas – Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion.
  • Geiner Alvarado – Ministry of Transport and Communications after leaving the Ministry of Housing.
  • Cesar Paniagua Chacon – Housing Minister to replace Geiner Alvarado


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