Congress of Leaders 2022: entrepreneurs will learn from top businessmen in the world to strengthen leadership

Congress of Leaders 2022: entrepreneurs will learn from top businessmen in the world to strengthen leadership

One of the most important events related to in the world will take place from October 25 to 28 in four countries (United States, Mexico, Colombia and Peru). This is the Congress of Leaders 2022.

For this meeting, more than 40 top businessmen from America will present themselves, who will help the entrepreneurs.

What leaders will be?

Among the leaders invited to the event are Hans Werner (general manager of Natura Mexico), Giuliano Stiglitz (Chief Executive Officer at Numatec), Alexander Lemos (general manager of Avon Mexico), Angela Kohler (CEO Happinar).

Also Lina Betancourt (author of Zen Business Warrior and Founder and VP Strategic Planning and Happiness Culture Development at Alo Global Technologies), Alejandro Salgar (Latin America Sr Marketing Manager at Kimberly Clark), among others.

Contribution to the community

The event seeks to generate a contribution to the community of the entire region, to share good practices from their experience, generate learning.

In this line, there will be face-to-face and virtual assistance. It is important to point out that this initiative was created since 2020, whose objective is to connect with the experience of men and women, referents from different fields, regarding how they have led, what challenges they have had and how they have reinvented themselves, to transmit an inspiring message .

What is disruptive leadership?

Disruptive leadership is the main force that drives this event and seeks for more people to be original and dynamic leaders, listening to great benchmarks in Latin America about the way in which they have overcome the fear of change.

In addition, tools are known to be a leader who provides better solutions and ways to improve processes. Break the rules of leadership and find out how to be a leader who adapts and transforms to change.

With the mission of generating successful results, developing a team and enjoying every step of the process in a world where change is permanent and we must adapt and innovate. To attend, go to this .


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