Congress: They propose to create a commission to investigate the relationship between Executive officials and Chinese companies

Congress files demand for extension to the TC to interpret article 117 of the Constitution

Congress presented the a demand for expansion to interpret article 117 of the Political Constitution, referring to the constitutional complaint against the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo.

The approach was made official through a document that also bears the signature of the President of Parliament, José Williams (Avanza País), and which was sent to the Constitutional Court.

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According to the Magna Carta of 1993, the President of the Republic can only be accused for four reasons: treason against the country; prevent presidential, congressional, regional or municipal elections; dissolve Congress; and prevent the operation of the National Elections Jury (JNE).

The Nation’s prosecutor, Patricia Benavides, filed a constitutional complaint against President Pedro Castillo by means of a document submitted to the table of parts of Congress.

Castillo is accused of being the alleged perpetrator of crimes against public tranquility in the form of criminal organizationaggravated by his condition as leader of a vertical structure, as well as by aggravated influence peddling and collusion. The complaint also includes former ministers Juan Silva (Transport and Communications) and Geiner Alvarado (Housing).

On October 10, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Congress filed a jurisdictional claim against the Judiciary for a conflict of powers in the election of the Ombudsman and the magistrates of the TC.

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The document details that, with the filing of various amparo processes, the Judicial Power interfered in the normal exercise of these powers, despite the fact that, according to what it assures, it corresponds exclusively and exclusively to the Legislative Power.

“The purpose of this claim for a jurisdictional proceeding is to declare that the Judiciary lacks jurisdiction to intervene through ordinary and/or constitutional processes and/or, whatever the denomination that may be given to their claims, with respect to the exclusive and excluding powers that are the exclusive constitutional competence of Congress.reads the lawsuit.


Statements by Aníbal Torres, President of the Council of Ministers

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