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Delay in the development of children’s speech: what are the influencing factors

The concern of many parents is the difficulty that their children present when they begin to speak. Know what are the factors that can influence this process and thus act in time.

Elke Terstiege, children’s speech therapist, explained about the different factors that can negatively influence the speech of a boy or a girl, also disproving some of the established beliefs.

In this context, the child neuropsychologist mentioned that it should be considered as ‘myth’ the fact that girls learn to speak before boys, because they got scared or that they have to be given time until they are 3 years old to talk.

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“Actually, the language develops since the child is born, since the baby begins to cry as a means of communication, all this develops before the 12 months, after this time the first words begin. To the 18 months, about 20 to 30 words, at two phrases are already expected for years 3 years and a very fluid dialogue”, explained the professional in communication with 1080 am

He also highlighted that in a classroom of 30 children there are at least 10 with neurodevelopmental difficulties. In this sense, the speech therapist warned that cases of autism increased due to lack of early diagnosis.

“There is a lot of controversy regarding this and day by day we try to spread information, since it is not true that a boy speaks later than a girl or that he was scared and that is why he does not speak,” he reiterated in contact with Radio Monumental 1080 AM.

consulted on the causes that complicate the speech development of the boy or girl, indicated that it can be hereditary, congenital, preeclampsia during pregnancy or as a result of very early exposure to digital devices such as tablets, cell phones or television.

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“The first and most difficult recommendation for parents is diminish the use of screens and encourage creative play”, he pointed out, emphasizing the importance of encouraging imaginative play and those that involve interaction with their peers and their environment.

Finally, he said that there are many causes, it can be something genetic or something from the context and “at this time it is important to mention the use of tablets, cell phones. Children spend hours watching TV, with that I don’t know develop language because there is no interaction of speech and neither of the imagination”, he referred.

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