Citizen Pulse: 42.9% prefer a new Constitutional Convention plus support from the Committee of Experts

According to the latest Pulso Ciudadano survey, in relation to how to continue with the constitutional process, 47.7% of the population prefers that a new one be started in order to have a New Constitution. This represents a drop of 2.6 points in relation to the September measurement. Meanwhile, 33.8% prefer that the current Constitution be reformed, (+0.7 points) and 18.5% prefer that the Current Constitution be maintained, (+ 2 points).

According to the survey, 42.8% of the population considers that if a new Constituent Process is initiated, it should begin immediately, as soon as possible (-4.1 points), 26.6% consider that it should be left for later forward, more than 1 year (+4.7 points). And 16.8% consider that they should wait a few months and 13.7% do not know.

It is worth mentioning that the current state of the discussion has been named as “constituent dialogues” and is being carried out by the different parties with parliamentary representation in Congress to give continuity to the constituent process.

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In this sense, in relation to the preference of a body that drafts the new Constitution proposal, 42.9% prefer that a new Constitutional Convention be chosen through a democratic election, plus the support of a Committee of Experts. 30.5% prefer that it be drafted by a Committee of Experts, 19.1% prefer that a new Constitutional Convention be chosen only through a democratic election, and 7.5% that Congress draft it.

The main feelings that citizens have, at the current moment in the country, reflected in the last Citizen Pulse, are: uncertainty 60.3%, insecurity 56.9%, sadness 22.9%, fear 22.5%, anguish 20 .7%, hope 19.8%, optimism 16%, enthusiasm 9.1%, solidarity 7.2% and happiness 3.9%.

The main problems of the country, in the opinion of the citizens, are: Delinquency 53.6%, Inflation / Rise in prices 38.7%, Immigration 21.9% and Public Security 20.3%.

Firefighters is the most trusted institution in the country, with 86.9%. They are followed, but at a greater distance, by the PDI with 43.3%, Carabineros with 38.9%, and the Armed Forces with 36.3%. The institutions with the greatest mistrust are: Political Parties 86.5%, Congress 75.5%, Justice 75.2%, Isapres 71.7% and AFP 74.3% and Press 69.5%.

Government Assessment

At the end of the month, President Gabriel Boric obtained an approval of 25.4%, with a drop of 4.3 points in relation to the approval of September (29.7%), and a disapproval of 63.4%, an increase of 5.8 points in relation to the disapproval of September (57.6%). Meanwhile, 11.1% do not know how to evaluate his management.

In addition, three years after the social outbreak of October 2019, 54.1% of the population considers that the social outbreak was negative for Chile. 29.9% consider that it was positive and 17.1% do not know.

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