History of the Carlos Castaño farm that the Petro government handed over

History of the Carlos Castaño farm that the Petro government handed over

President Gustavo Petro has said, on several occasions, that one of the objectives of his government is deliver the unproductive lands to the peasants and those affected by the armed conflict.

(Petro announced that it will declare a national emergency for the winter).

In fact, this Saturday, the first delivery of the Támesis estate in Montería, Córdoba, which at some point belonged to the former paramilitary chief, Carlos Castaño, who was assassinated in 2004.

“I hand over the farm that Carlos Castaño occupied near Monteria to 50 peasant families. This is where the agrarian reform begins,” Petro wrote on Twitter.

“The delivery was led by the Special Assets Society (SAE) and the Reparation Fund of the Victims Unit with the purpose of vindicating an emblematic peasant organization of the region that has suffered the rigors of the war; strengthen rural, family and community economies; food production and closing gaps,” the government said.

According to the National Government, the 590 hectares that were in the hands of the Castaño family are in the process of extinction, and They have a cadastral appraisal of $8,503.

(Ecopetrol: this is what the government says due to changes to the Board of Directors).


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