Elections 2022: Here's what you can and can't do on polling day

2,630 electronic voting machines have been replaced across the country

In the third bulletin released today (30), the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) reported that across the country 2,630 electronic voting machines had to be replaced after they showed some type of malfunction. Occurrences were recorded until 1:40 pm.2,630 electronic voting machines have been replaced across the country

The replacement of electronic voting machines is a normal procedure for each election, and the Electoral Court already prepares thousands of spare equipment in advance that can be put into operation immediately.

As a last option, if the electronic ballot box cannot be replaced by another, it is possible to adopt manual voting, with paper ballots, in a canvas ballot box. So far, this has not been necessary in any polling station in the country, the TSE reported.

For the second round, the Electoral Court mobilized around 537 thousand electronic voting machines, of which 64,918 are contingency, that is, they are kept in reserve to be activated in case of need.

This year, for the first time, all polling stations in Brazil are open from 8 am to 5 pm Brasília time. In locations with another time zone, therefore, the time is adapted according to the local time.

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