Circus show takes culture and inclusion to the outskirts of Rio

Circus show takes culture and inclusion to the outskirts of Rio

Classified in first place in the public notice Fomento à Cultura Carioca (Foca), in the line turned to public arts, the show Clown Afonso Xodó, Banda Rio and Guests is characterized by dealing with inclusion and representativeness in the clowning universe, in addition to democratizing access to culture in the peripheral regions of Rio de Janeiro. There is no charge for admission. The show is free and has free classification for all ages, informed the Brazil Agency, this Tuesday (28), the artistic director of the show, Leo Carnevale.

In the show, director Leo Carnevale takes on the role of the clown Afonso Xodó – Photo: Emanuela Palma/Disclosure

The premiere of the project, carried out by Carnevale Produções, will take place on the 4th of April, at 2 pm, at Arena Abelardo Barbosa, better known as Arena Chacrinha, in Pedra de Guaratiba, west of the city. In each show, the participation of four schools is expected, previously scheduled, each one taking 100 students. The presentations will be held during the week, on weekdays, precisely with the aim of reaching the school audience, which is the project’s target audience.

There will be another presentation in April, on the 19th, at the Arena Carioca Carlos Roberto de Oliveira – Dicró, in Penha, north zone, at 2 pm. The sessions continue on May 3rd, also at 2 pm, at Arena Sandra de Sá, in Santa Cruz, west zone; ending on the 17th of this month, at the Lona Cultural Municipal Herbert Vianna, in Maré, in the northern part of the Rio de Janeiro capital, at 10 am.


In each presentation, in addition to the band composed of seven musicians with more than 50 years of experience, the project’s cast of artists receives two guests. “All guest artists are clowns”, said Carnevale who, in the show, takes on the role of the clown Afonso Xodó. Artist André Guimarães, a disabled person, embodies the clown Paçoca, one of the project’s guests.

Leo Carnevale reinforced that the show is inclusive, because it has a range of black artists, gays, with disabilities who have an active voice within the project. “The idea of ​​inclusion and representativeness can offer this whole spectrum of artists to express themselves, say what they are going to do, participate in the construction of the show”. The project has the participation of 25 people, of which 15 are artists and seven are musicians. “All the artists already have their own costumes and all the props for their number”. The clowns represent Brazilian diversity, with gender and race equality.

The circus show has the support of vocal trainer Jane Celeste, who is a professor of Theater at the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Unirio), in addition to singing teacher Carol Sanches, from the same higher education institution.


Leo Carnevale explained that the project brings the idea of ​​a circus cabaret. Banda Rio musicians open the show, playing classic popular circus music. Then, the clown Afonso Xodó presents a number and continues the audition. The encounter with the public, within the circus atmosphere, brings joy and laughter to families, encouraging people to leave their problems outside and leave lighter. The work is permeated by humor and joy. “A meeting to celebrate life”, highlighted the producing company.

The project also includes the holding of a workshop Encounter with Risowhich will be taught by Leo Carnevale to public school teachers and students in the regions where the show will circulate, and the intervention Clown Outings with the Clown Afonso Xodó, in the invited schools.

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