Alternative 1: The vote must be claimed as a citizen tool for change

Alternative 1: The vote must be claimed as a citizen tool for change

“Voting is the fundamental tool that people have to get out of the crisis. That is why we are going to lead a fight to recover the culture of voting,” said Gustavo Hernández Salazar.

One of the tasks to be carried out in the near future is to vindicate the vote as a citizen tool for political changes to take place in the country, that is one of the conclusions of the V Expanded Regional Meeting of Alternative 1, which was held in Carabobo .

The meeting brought together leaders of that political organization from all the municipalities of the state. It was led by the national coordinator, Gustavo Hernandez Salazarwho led the debate.

Also present, as a special guest, was Elizabeth Henríquez, coordinator of the movement in Barinas and member of the national leadership.

In his speech, Hernández Salazar stressed that it is necessary to vindicate the vote of the citizenry, because for more than 20 years there has been a constant preaching against this election mechanism, including the government.

He cited that when President Maduro says on a national television channel: “I know who so-and-so is voting for; you can lose the bonds », with this he is saying that the vote is worthless.

“That’s a lie, but in a normal Venezuelan it can cause the feeling that the vote is worthless.”

He pointed out that if we add to this the preaching of opposition leaders such as Leopoldo López, Juan Guaidó, María Corina Machado and Henry Ramos, among others, who called for a long time not to vote, obviously this has to have a negative effect on citizens. .

“Voting is the fundamental tool that people have to get out of the crisis. That is why we are going to lead a fight for the recovery of the culture of voting.

Alternative 1 has proposed to participate in the construction of an efficient electoral machinery, to avoid cheating at the polling stations when voting.

The machinery will be at the service of the best candidate, the one with the best chance of defeating Maduro in next year’s presidential elections.

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“We are convinced that with Maduro there is no future.”

Gustavo Hernández Salazar specified that Alternative 1 seeks to strengthen it, because it is an organization that vindicates politics, not only as the search for power, but also to defend the most vulnerable.

It also tries that politics is characterized by ethics. That is why the militants of that organization who have held positions of popular representation, have had a neat exercise in all the spaces in which they have been.

«Political decency is for us a fundamental factor. That is why we say that Alternative 1 is fully relevant to recover politics, in the fight for a country with solid institutions and at the same time because honesty will be a fundamental value in the exercise of politics.”

Elizabeth Henríquez spoke about the acts of corruption committed by some officials of the national government and said that for Alternative 1 these irregular acts characterize the system.

In his view, there is a serious structural and cultural problem, since there is a lot of tolerance for corruption, which is why many times the reported cases do not shock the population.

He cited that culturally in Venezuela there have not been exemplary sanctions that prevent other officials from committing this type of act. Henríquez denounced that the political class lacks a productive mentality.

Present at the meeting were former deputy Laura Valls, Germán Chipre, Junior Delpino, Juan Varela, Alexis Campos and the union leader Edwar Zapata, among others.

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