Cabinet meeting with Lacalle in Anchorena

The meeting was informal and Álvaro Delgado could not participate

The President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, met yesterday Friday the cabinet of the Executive Power in the presidential residence of Anchorena. The meeting was informal and there was no specific topic on the table, but rather “to talk about the progress and news of the Government,” sources from Torre Ejecutiva told Montevideo Portal and summarized: “It was camaraderie, stroganoff and Accountability.” That was precisely the food chosen for the occasion.

As reported The country This week, it was an appointment that Lacalle had planned since the time of the pandemic but for one thing or another it had not materialized. The meeting on Friday took place in a “social and informal” manner, in which the ministers, undersecretaries and authorities of the Office of Planning and Budget (OPP) talked about various issues that the Executive has faced. The informant said that the dialogue was relaxed, in which they discussed not only politics but also other topics.

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