Bruno Pacheco reappeared in a court hearing from hiding for the Tarata Case

Bruno Pacheco reappeared in a court hearing from hiding for the Tarata Case

Former Secretary of the Presidential Office reappeared in a judicial hearing from hiding, in which his appeal to the 36 months of preventive detention against him for the

The former official again denied the accusations against him and reiterated that he has house arrest. He also confirmed that he will remain in hiding protected by his constitutional right to freedom.

“I am not entitled to the right for the sole reason that I am exercising the right, as the Constitution says, to life and liberty. I have threats against my life and I honestly do not know why the Prosecutor’s Office, in some way, has given me a preventive detention against me, when I have been the first person who has approached Prosecutor Zecenarro’s office to make myself available “he expressed.

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“The fact that I have kept the right to silence does not mean that I am hindering the investigations”he added through a phone call to his lawyer.

Pacheco Castillo He also denied any link with the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), much less being part of an alleged mafia led by the president. peter castleas stated by the businesswoman karelim lopez.

“I feel very surprised, Mr. Judge, that they have involved me in this issue of the Tarata Bridge, I have been secretary general, I have nothing to do with the Ministry of Transport”he underlined.

Finally, Bruno Pacheco He maintained that he does know Zamir Villaverdeinvolved in the case, since he had contact with him on a few occasions during the presidential campaign of Castle Lumps and in the visit made by the businessman to the Government Palace.

It should be noted that the Second Criminal Court of Appeals of the Superior Court of Justice of Lima also analyzed the resources of Fray Vasquez Castillo and Gian Marco Castillo Gomezboth nephews of the president peter castle.


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