Who will be the Secretary General of ADN?

Who will be the Secretary General of ADN?

Last April 24 ceased in his functions the general secretary of the Mayor’s Office of the National District, Hugo Beraswho was appointed executive director of the Presidency’s Transportation Cabinet, through decree 26-22.

Since then, the Mayor’s Office is no general secretary and it is not known for how much longer, because in the regulations there is no established term for the election of the official, according to the Director of Communications, Elizabeth Mateo.

“That decision, the mayor’s office will inform it in a timely manner… immediately it is appointed, the office will make it known,” Mateo replied to the question of Free Journal.

Once the person is chosen, the Council of Regidores must endorse the designation, whose authority is the responsibility of the administration.

Hugo Beras was appointed by Mayor Carolina Mejía and remained in office for exactly two years. According to the former building official, he continues to be directly linked to the management of the mayor of the DN in the coordination of the City Transit and Mobility Table.

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