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In four months, Paraguay exported 96,000 tons of meat

The National Animal Health and Quality Service (Senacsa) reported that between January and April of this year, our country sent 96,000 tons of meat abroad.

The data registered by Senacsa indicate that the total exports until the end of April reached 95,738,476.29 kilos, which is equivalent to 509,364,237 dollars.

As for offal, the shipment reached 15,859,689.54 kilos for an approximate value of 31,069,904.95 dollars.

Regarding the main destinations, the list is headed by Chile with more than 42,863,987.62 kilos, Russia with 13,384,773.71 kilos, Republic of China (Taiwan) with 11,010,773.71 kilos.

In four months, Paraguay exported 96,000 tons of meat

Comparative table of exports in recent years.

They are followed by Brazil with 10,550,859.38 kilos, Israel with 8,383,897.71 kilos and Uruguay with 2,153,679.03 kilos.

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