Bishops of Peru pronounce on the political crisis: "It is seriously damaging democracy"

Bishops of Peru pronounce on the political crisis: “It is seriously damaging democracy”

The bishops of Peru issued a statement from the headquarters of the (CEP), in the district of Jesús María, in which they ask state agencies to seek dialogue in order to overcome this “moment of deep social and political crisis” that the country is experiencing.

In the pronouncement, the prelates of the Catholic Church recognized a “internal struggle between the Executive and Legislative powers” ​​that has been “seriously damaging democracy and generating further division and conflict among Peruvians and can lead to uncontrollable levels of violence.”

This generalized crisis affects fundamental aspects of the life of Peruvians, in food, since the lack of resources generates real critical situations in various regions of the country. Many experts foresee setbacks in the coverage and quality of services in higher levels of underemployment and informality and unemployment, since corruption suffocates enterprises through quotas and bribes”, indicated the representatives of the Catholic Church.

However, they indicated, “we are in time to work together as a Peruvian society and heading towards a country project with a genuine commitment to the integral human development of all Peruvians”.

The activity was presided over by Monsignor Miguel Cabrejospresident of the CEP and the Latin American Episcopal Council (CELAM), along with Cardinal Pedro Barreto, first vice president.

The second vice president, Monsignor Robert Prevost, also participated; the Secretary General, Monsignor Norberto Strotmann; and the 56 bishops from all over the country, who have come to Lima for this appointment.


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