Senate session by "records": FA talks about "political espionage" and Gandini discredited the company

Astesiano Case: Carrera asked the Prosecutor’s Office to "act independently"

Frente Amplio senator Charles Carrera affirmed that both he and also a senator Mario Bergara, “not only” are they “willing to testify” before the Prosecutor’s Officebut they pretend that the public prosecutor “act independently to be able to identify those responsible” andIn the Astesiano case and in particular, the request received by the former chief of custodians to make files with personal information on both legislators.

“It would seem that they want to install in public opinion the idea that we do not want to collaborate with Justice”the senator maintained on Twitter and explained why he did not meet with the prosecutor Gabriela Fossati.

Bergara and Carrera filed a complaint with the Court Prosecutor, Juan Gómezafter in the chats of the former head of presidential custody, Alejandro Astesiano, it appeared that the Vertical Skies company asked him to put together “two cards” with personal information to “tie” the legislators and prevent them from taking the complaint for the concession of the port to the company Katoen Natie to court.

According to Carrera, it was the fact that he filed the complaint with Gómez this Thursday that made him and Bergara could not meet that day with the prosecutor.

The meeting with Fossati that did not materialize

Carrera had asked that the investigation be carried out by another prosecutor and not by Gabriela Fossati, who began working on the case of the adulterated passports – in which Astesiano was involved – but who finally opened another cause to investigate the chats of the former custodian not linked to documents for Russians and Ukrainians.

“A prosecutor is not going to be able to carry out all this with the ramifications that it has had“said the senator in the extraordinary session of the Senate this Wednesday.

For her part, the prosecutor He asserted that the dimension of the facts is not yet known. Fossati highlighted that already summoned both legislators and that, once they attend, they “will be able to transmit the tranquility that they demand through the media”. He recalled on his Twitter account that the senators had been summoned to attend the Prosecutor’s Office on Thursday morning, but that: “Bergara cancelled. Carrera postponed it.”

Carrera gave his version of why the meeting with Fossati did not finally take place. “Fossati summoned us for Thursday at 5:00 p.m. when we already had a meeting scheduled with the Attorney General at 4:00 p.m. to formalize the espionage complaint. In addition, that day at 5:30 p.m. was the special session for privileges, “he explained in a Twitter thread.

“It is worth making these clarifications, because it would seem that they want to install in public opinion the idea that we do not want to collaborate with Justice. It seems incredible that such infamy is affirmed, when our political force put this issue on the table and took it to the Senate”he added.

Carrera described the discussion about why he and Bergara did not meet with the prosecutor as a “sterile controversy” and made “a call to prudence”

“Not only are we willing to come forward to testify, but we We want the Prosecutor’s Office to act independently to identify those responsible”he concluded.

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