Ecarri asks the Unitary Platform to behave as an "adult" and prioritize Venezuela

Ecarri asks the Unitary Platform to behave as an “adult” and prioritize Venezuela

The leader of the Lápiz party, Antonio Ecarri, believes that Venezuela needs a better political leadership that represents the country at all times. He insisted that the dialogue in Mexico include more sectors for the sake of plurality and that an agreement really be reached in the opposition

Antonio Ecarripresident of the Alianza del Lápiz political organization and presidential candidate, urged the delegation of the Unitary Platform that is in dialogue with the ruling party in Mexico to “behave like adults” and put Venezuela as a priority.

This is how Ecarri responded to the statement issued by the Unitary Platform (PU) in which they denounced that the administration of Nicolás Maduro wants to “get away” from the agreements made in Mexico, which aim to continue the debate on political issues such as the release of political prisoners, the return of thousands of people from abroad and some free elections.

In that letter, the PU demanded that the Executive state the date for the new dialogue session during the month of December and continue with the negotiation agenda.

“There are millions of Venezuelans who are suffering today. Put Venezuela ahead, the tantrum in times like the ones we are in is not rational or responds to the high interests of the country,” Ecarri said.

In his opinion, Venezuela needs a better political leadership that can represent it in any rapprochement with the administration of Nicolás Maduro and believes that the “conduct” of the G4, which has been seen in public opinion, is sentenced to death.

He insisted that this opposition sector is a group that is “divided and fractured” and that “they do not represent anyone” because people do not identify with them, emphasizing that from the Pencil the idea of ​​a national, serious and responsible dialogue is promoted. which includes a short-term compliance agenda.

Antonio Ecarri, for the sake of said plurality, called for the inclusion of other sectors such as Fedeagro, Fedenaga, Fedecámaras, unions, the church and others that are independent because “the Venezuelan people have to feel, the people, the ordinary citizen, they have to feel that the dialogue is useful for something (…) We need to reach an agreement. We are going to agree (…) The call of the Pencil Alliance is for that political class to reflect because any call for dialogue will definitely end up failing.

The leader of Lápiz expressed the November 22th that the primaries that PU estimates to hold in 2023 are “negotiated” with the administration of Nicolás Maduro and in his opinion, this initiative will only seek to elect the “most dinosaur” and the one who is least popular in the population to facilitate the victory of the president in the elections. urns.

Despite this, President Nicolás Maduro said on November 30 that he has never held a meeting with Ecarri and, in the press conference he held with national and international media, he expressed his intention to establish a dialogue with him and the political forces he represents.

«Ecarri took a very important vote in the capital of Venezuela and also has an important group of mayors who won in the country. Also, there is an organization called Fuerza Vecinal with which I have met and would like to meet again, but now in public and not in secret,” he added in that meeting with journalists where he conditioned the holding of free elections to the lifting of sanctions by USA.

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