As of November 11, conjugal visits will be allowed in prisons

As of next November 11, the process of conjugal visits will be reopened in the El Renacer, Llano Marín, Aguadulce and Tinajitas prisons, keeping the corresponding biosecurity measures. In the other prisons, the pertinent adjustments and cleaning are carried out to restart said visits, reported the General Directorate of the Penitentiary System.

The statement of said address, indicates that in the mentioned centers, the process of visits to which persons deprived of liberty who possess the two doses of the vaccine against Covid-19 have access may begin, the same requirement will be requested from the couple of the person deprived of liberty, who must present a copy of the vaccination card from the Ministry of Health that certifies that both doses were placed.

According to Law 3 of January 2000, Law 55 of July 2003 and Executive Decree 393 of July 2005, the parameters for accessing conjugal visits are as follows: there will be a registry of persons authorized to carry out conjugal visits, in which It will specify the person authorized to visit each inmate. Only one person will be authorized for each deprived of liberty; the visit request must be made by the person deprived of liberty, in writing, with identification of the proposed visitor, through a form; The visitor and the inmate must undergo medical tests to diagnose whether they have HIV or an infectious-contagious sexually transmitted disease (gonorrhea, syphilis, human papilloma, HIV / AIDS, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, hepatitis B and C), examination preferably carried out in instances of the Ministry of Health (Health Centers and PROBIDSIDA), every six months, and the visitor will deliver a Covid-19 antigen test three days before the visit.

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