EsSalud launches decentralized campaign for medical care and surgeries in Ayacucho

EsSalud launches decentralized campaign for medical care and surgeries in Ayacucho

Continuing with its policy of decentralizing health services, EsSalud launched in Ayacucho a decentralized campaign of medical care and surgeries that will benefit the insured population of this southern region of the country.

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About 25 specialists from the Almenara, Rebagliati and Sabogal service networks, as well as the National Cardiovascular Institute (Incor) and the National Renal Health Center will be in charge of the care.

Starting tomorrow, health personnel will provide care in the services of gynecology, family medicine, internal medicine, pulmonology, gastroenterology, ultrasound, nephrology, urology, geriatrics, general medicine, traumatology, dermatology, pediatrics, physical medicine and rehabilitation, dentistry , ophthalmology, nursing and laboratory tests, among others.

Health professionals and support technicians from Hospital Perú and the Flexible Offer Management will also participate in the campaign, its objective is to provide timely preventive-promotional health care, diagnosis and surgical treatment to patients of the Ayacucho Assistance Network.

Strengthening of services

EsSalud pointed out that it works on the implementation of a dialysis center, blood bank and preventive center for oncological diseases in Ayacucho.

He also indicated that as part of the expansion and strengthening of services, the new Ayacucho Sur Assistance Network will be created, based in the city of Puquio, which will be implemented and equipped to serve more than 15 thousand insured, with the services most modern doctors in the region.

Likewise, the Regional Hospital of Ayacucho will be upgraded; three “Bicentennial” Hospitals will be built in Puquio, VRAEM and Víctor Fajardo.

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Campaign in Uchuraccay

Social Security reported that on Thursday, November 11, a team from Hospital Peru will move to the town of Uchuraccay, one of the districts that is part of the intervention area of ​​the Valley of the Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro Rivers (VRAEM), to provide medical care for the insured and uninsured population.

Children, adults, pregnant women and older adults of the aforementioned Ayacucho community will benefit from the services of general medicine, nutrition and obstetrics, as well as laboratory tests and ultrasounds for the control, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

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