Armed criminals rob two jewelry stores in less than 24 hours

In less than 24 hours, another jewelry store was robbed by armed criminals.
This is the Fenix ​​jewelry store, located in the PH H2O On The Ocean, on Balboa Avenue, which according to the first reports was robbed by at least two armed people who subdued the staff and took a large amount of jewelry.

Roberto Rodríguez, deputy commissioner of the National Police explained that two individuals entered this jewelry store as customers and subjected a clerk, who works alone in the premises, and stole the clothes that she was going to place on the counter.
As reported by the National Police in conjunction with the Public Ministry, they began investigations after the robbery.

They detailed that the suspects allegedly arrived in a sedan vehicle, which after committing the robbery was abandoned in a parking lot located on Avenida México.
The authorities indicated that several items of clothing were found inside the abandoned vehicle that are allegedly related to this event.

Rodríguez reported that the criminals boarded another white van-type vehicle to continue their flight.

The deputy commissioner stressed that this jewelry store did not have any type of security.

It should be noted that yesterday, Wednesday, October 12, the Brilat jewelry store was also attacked by armed criminals, who disguised themselves as Muslims and others wore uniforms of the Cleaning Authority. So far they have not been captured.

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