United fans want more Stamford Bridge tickets

United fans want more Stamford Bridge tickets

The fans of Manchester United, represented by their official fan group, have threatened to take legal action if the seats allocated to the followers of the ‘Red Devils’ for the match against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on October 22 are not increased .

United fans have been provided with 2,370 tickets for security reasons, but MUST, as the team’s official fan group is known, is calling for this number to be increased to 2,994.

MUST alleges that there are no previous records of problems between United and Chelsea fans and that Hammersmith and Fulham City Council, where Stamford Bridge is located, should grant security clearances for 2,994 United fans to gain access to the away stands.

If not, the group has threatened legal action and said United fans are being treated “like second-class citizens”.

“Involving lawyers in this is the last option, but enough is enough,” MUST said in a statement. We fans of United and football in general have had enough of putting up with irrational and unfair decisions by local councils and the police, who seem to see us as a problem for public order rather than normal people who want to enjoy a day out from home,” MUST said in a statement. EFE

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