Are you thinking of renewing your truck? Learn how and when is the best time to do it

It is a very important step, because unlike cars, these vehicles are intended to carry out transportation tasks and are an important axis for the profitability of a company. Unlike cars, trucks travel more kilometers and are in operation for more hours, generating a need for renewal, being important to evaluate at the time of renewal if the current unit meets the needs or preferably we migrate to a model with greater capacity of load according to the need of the business.

Thus, the transfer of vehicles has shown an increase of 3.6% compared to the similar period of the previous year, according to a report made by the Automotive Association of Peru at the beginning of this year. In addition, it is considered that it will continue in positive territory towards the end of it.

We know that one of the biggest queries that truck fleet owners have is to know how and when is the best time to renew the vehicle. For this reason, Ricardo Arnaiz Figueroa, Manager of the Hino truck and bus division at Mitsui Automotive, provides recommendations to achieve this, taking into account the safety and efficiency that having a new heavy-duty vehicle can generate:

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According to the needs of the company: In the market there are companies that request a renewal of trucks between 3 and 5 years, this due to new needs or by requirements of the client and the market, in this renewal period the client evaluates reinforcing its fleet according to the growth of its transportation operations.

According to Mileage or hours of operation: It is important to take into account the mileage or hours of operation of the truck, because after a certain time of operation, the truck will begin to need corrective repairs, increasing the cost of operation, as well as corrective maintenance of the bodywork. In general, when the units reach a certain number of mileage, they begin to need expensive repairs, being advisable to renew them to maintain a low cost of operation and the profitability of the business.

According to its functionality: It is important to maintain the units periodically and with original spare parts, with this we will be able to maintain a good resale price and a low operating cost. Maintaining the truck on a regular basis will help you carry out technical inspections safely and reliably, and you will also save considerable money by eliminating unscheduled repairs and keeping the truck in good condition.


Currently selling a vehicle is usually a very complex activity, not only because of the time it takes but also because of the insecurity that exists. For this reason, MITSUI has implemented a new service called “In part payment”, which works virtually nationwide, allowing people to renew their truck with the benefit of leaving theirs as part of payment.

To know how this service works, you must enter the web , send photos of the truck, the property card, circulation card and mileage; an advisor will be communicating with the client to carry out an appraisal which will be confirmed at the time of a free inspection (in case of being in Lima).


Reliability: The sale or renewal of a truck can be very risky, due to unknown persons reviewing the personal information of those who are looking to sell. This risk disappears if the transaction is made with a trusted dealer.

Time saving: The sale of a vehicle demands not only scheduling meetings with interested people but also carrying out innumerable procedures for the sale. This can be avoided if done at a reputable dealer.

Ease: To do this, you just have to take the HINO truck to the Mitsui Santa Anita dealer to carry out a free inspection of the entire truck and with this you will receive an offer for your unit quickly and safely.


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