Appliances with positive expectations

Appliances with positive expectations

Due to the progress of the vaccination campaign together with the gradual normalization of the social environment, the appliance market has had a positive trend this year, despite the political and economic situation and the rise in the exchange rate, according to Christian Aliaga, CEO from .

“Shopping centers are operating normally and supply flows, previously stagnant by the pandemic, have also normalized, so, although it could have been better, it is predicted to close the year with positive results”, he highlighted.

For its part, Marlon Agreda, Executive Director of Royal Appliances, pointed out that the digital role that companies have been taking to promote and incentivize their sales has been very important to boost this market.

“The vast majority of companies in the field have increased the investment budget for their digital channels in order to facilitate customer purchases”, he pointed

For Agreda, opening a digital channel helped make their products visible and they estimate a growth of 20% compared to 2020 and 14% compared to 2019.


For Agreda, the products that showed the highest sales this year are the Smart TVs and small appliances like rice cookers and microwaves.

On the side of the least sold would be refrigerators, which have increased their prices due to higher import freights and the rise in the dollar, said the director of Royal.

In an analysis developed with data from the National Customs Superintendency, Daewoo found that the five most imported white goods are gas cookers with 432,369 units, washing machines with 420,053 units, microwave ovens with 237,483 units and freezers with 80,384 units.

“The report shows the positive results of the sector despite the current context. In units, total imports rose by 63.50% between January and September 2021, compared to the first nine months of 2020 ″Aliaga pointed out.


Agreda pointed out that, due to the current political situation, many families have been affected economically and, among other aspects, they would limit the decision to buy household electrical products.

Despite this situation, he affirmed that by 2022, the market is expected to grow 15% due to the sale of televisions that will have a great reception thanks to the next soccer World Cup.

“The campaign in July 2022 will be very important and they have projected to increase their sales of televisions by 40%”, he pointed.


For the Chamber of Commerce of Lima, the sale of technology, in which the household appliances category is found, would reach 100% of the invoiced in 2019. This due to the increase in sales in shopping centers that are increasingly closer to the prepandemic levels.

In addition, they pointed out that, with the bonus payment, there will be a greater consumption by Christmas.

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