Aníbal Torres on the resignation of Avelino Guillén: "All ministers are under evaluation"

Aníbal Torres after resignation of Vice Minister of Justice: “I regret that he retires making false accusations”

The Minister of Justice and Human Rights, answered the arguments presented by in his letter of resignation to the Vice Ministry of Justice. “If you were so dissatisfied with your position, why didn’t you resign earlier?”, he replied.

I regret that, taking advantage of the political moment and being able to resign earlier, he withdraws making false accusations, joining the campaign to smear the current regime”, Torres said in a statement on social media.

This Monday, Andía Zúñiga presented her letter of irrevocable resignation from the position and pointed out, among the reasons for her decision, the “institutional and technical weakening” of said portfolio, in addition to “authoritarianism”, “contempt” and “unjustified mistreatment” towards the institution professionals.

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Another point pointed out by the resigning official is that the replacement of Daniel Soria in the Attorney General’s Office has not yet been announced, despite the fact that he was removed from the post on February 1.

Given this, Hannibal Torres indicated that the dismissal of Soria Luján was based on a report from the Comptroller’s Office in which it concludes that he was appointed without having the experience in the legal defense of the State and without the technical report that supports his appointment.

Likewise, the Minister of Justice clarified that his decision to remove Susana Silva as head of the National Penitentiary Institute of Peru (INPE) was because she did not report on the transfer of Alberto Fujimori to Diroes. It was sought that the former president not return to his “golden prison” but to the Ancón II prison.

Gilmar Andía opposed the bills approved by the Council of Ministers and sent to Congress with non-legal arguments; he also opposed the implementation of the Flagrancia Unit (fast justice) that is now led by the president of the Judiciary [Elvia Barrios]”, points out the message from Torres.


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