Alberto Fujimori: his lawyer Elio Riera assures that he will not flee the country after the TC ruling

Alberto Fujimori: his lawyer Elio Riera assures that he will not flee the country after the TC ruling

The former president’s lawyer Elio Riera, assured that his sponsor is not going to flee the country after the ruling in his favor by the Constitutional Court (TC), which restored the effects of the humanitarian pardon granted to former President Alberto Fujimori by Pedro Pablo Kuczynski in December 2017.

In dialogue with Canal N, he indicated that once the ruling is executed, the former president (1990-2000) will dedicate himself to taking care of his health, due to the heart and lung problems he suffers.

“The man is not going to escape, he is not going to escape or anything like that. He has never had that intention.”he underlined by noting that Fujimori Fujimori’s own position is stay in Peru.

However, Riera remarked that if the sentence is executed and there is no process pending against the former president and restrictive measures, he would not have any impediment in leaving the country.

“We have not yet been notified of the sentence. If it were executed and there was a revocation, the man would not have an impediment logically, unless there is some other judicial process in progress and they request an impediment.narrowed down

Finally, the former president’s lawyer was confident that Alberto Fujimori can leave the Barbadillo de Ate prison, where he has been held for almost 15 years, at the end of next week.

“We trust that yes (that one week he can be free). The procedural burden is evident. It is very likely that at the end of next week, within the legal deadline and regular procedure, this can be executed “he stated.


The magistrates approved the habeas corpus presented by a lawyer to annul the decision that went against the pardon of the former president.

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