Arrested in Ibarra band with a million false dollars

Criminals laundered counterfeit money by handing over loans in exchange for financial collateral or movable and immovable property.

The ecuadorian police reported this March 18, 2022 the dismantling of a criminal gang who had in his possession a million fake dollars.

An investigation carried out over several months, through the Transnational Crimes Investigation Unit (UDT), in the province of Imbaburaended with the dismantling of the organization made up of Ecuadorian and foreign citizens, dedicated to counterfeit currency traffickingreported Norman Cano, commander of the Subzonal Police.

During the investigation, the police officers discovered that the Ecuadorians Kléber Lenin VC, Luis Guillermo OB, as well as the foreigners José Rubeiro HA and Albeiro S. “would arrive in the province with a large amount of adulterated money,” the police said. Police it’s a statement.

“With the information obtained, the location and arrest of the subjects, who were traveling in a car, were achieved. The suspects tried to evade the police presence by entering a hostel in the city of Ibarra and in an uninterrupted pursuit, they were captured,” he stressed.

In the hands of the citizens was found a million fake dollarswhich they intended to put into circulation in the national financial system, reads the letter.

It was also discovered that the ‘modus operandi’ of those currently detained would be to carry out loans to finance businesses in exchange for delivering a financial guarantee or movable or immovable property, thus defrauding citizens, he adds.

Among the indications found in the investigation work are the million dollars in false paper money, of the denomination of 20 dollars, a retained vehicle and five mobile devices, which were entered into the Judicial Police of the city of Ibarra, capital of Imbabura, with its respective chain of custody. EFE

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