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Abinader will attend today the meeting of the Executive Directorate of PRM

The secretary general of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Carolina Mejía, reported that the Executive Directorate will meet today with the presence of President Luis Abinader. The meeting is scheduled for 5:00 in the afternoon at the main venue of the organization.

Mejía explained that today’s meeting will define the agenda for the National Committee meeting, including the statutory reform and the schedule for the election process of the new authorities. “At the meeting we are going to discuss the preparations for the national assembly, which will be at the end of this month,” explained the mayor of the capital.

He anticipated that the election of the new PRM authorities must necessarily be in the middle of this year because that is when the period for which the current directors of the organization were elected is fulfilled. Asked about the mechanism for electing the new authorities, Mejía said that this point has not yet been defined.

The PRM approved the statutory reform in December of last year. The changes included Article 101 that prohibited reelection in the organization.

The ruling party also has yet to define the mechanism for electing the new authorities, whether it will be done with a universal vote of the militancy or in an assembly of delegates.

This issue is generating controversy in the governing party because several leaders who aspire to the Presidency, such as Guido Gómez Mazara, demand that it be through universal vote. In fact, that leader has warned that he could go to the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) to claim the right for all members of the PRM to participate in the election of national offices.

The PRM authorities were elected in April 2018 and the Political Parties Law obliges organizations to renew internal positions within a period no longer than the exercise of popularly elected positions, which is four years.

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