Huancavelica: They deny that vaccination is a mandatory requirement for school enrollment

Huancavelica: They deny that vaccination is a mandatory requirement for school enrollment

A detail that draws attention is that on her Facebook portal the councilor for Huancavelica and anti-vaccine promoter Elsa Benavente Salazar affirmed that enrollment would be prohibited for children not immunized against COVID-19 in the education sector.

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“In the Pucaccasa town center, Yauli district, solidarity with our brothers who are marginalized and excluded because they do not have a vaccination card, and now they do not want to enroll their children in school,” wrote councilor Benavente Salazar, who entered the Municipal Council for the Sustainable Huancavelica Regional Movement.

This publication is dated January 7 last, so we are looking for an official version from the Regional Directorate of Education.

The director of pedagogical management of the Regional Directorate of Education of Huancavelica, Jhonny Ventura Villa, denied that such a statement is being made.

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“Currently, in this enrollment process, to date, vaccination has not been requested as a requirement, we consider that once classes start on March 14, it will not be a requirement, so far there are no indications or details from the Government Central ”, informed the official of the education sector.

He added: “We consider as educators that vaccination should not be a requirement (for enrollment), but we are going to make efforts to have protection measures in educational institutions, that there is hand washing, with personal protective equipment, we consider that this way we will prevent contagion ”.

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On the other hand, he said that there is already a significant advance in enrollment, the same that continue.

“We are making progress, we hope that, by the end of February, we will make all the necessary efforts to fill all the vacancies offered in educational institutions,” Ventura Villa reported.

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