González Daher hearing postponed

González Daher hearing postponed

Gustavo Amarilla, judge of guarantees, rejected the appeal for reconsideration presented by Ramón González Daher’s defense in the case of checks stolen from the Judiciary. This remedy consists of the judge eliminating the accusation established by the prosecutors in the case. That is, an administrative rectification so as not to reach a judicial rectification.

However, the defense made up of lawyers Bettina Legal and Adan Giubi Pont, appealed the determination in the Court of Appeals. With this, the hearing for the imposition of measures set for today, Thursday at 08:30 hours, was suspended.
Today it had to be established if Daher will serve a preventive prison, or not, for the case of the alleged theft of 471 checks from the Judicial Power in the month of August.

At the end of August, the Public Ministry denounced that around 417 checks, used as evidence in the Ramón González Daher case, were stolen from the Judiciary. The papers were part of the case of usury, money laundering and false complaint where the former sports manager was linked.

Added to this situation was a new complaint against Daher. In mid-December, businessman Alberto Antebi claimed that the defendant used guarantee checks to continue extorting him. These papers were part of the batch that checks stolen from the judicial body.

Therefore, on December 22, the Public Ministry raided the former sports leader’s home. After the operation, Natalia Cacavelos, prosecutor in the case, requested the indictment of Daher for the punishable acts of breach of the deposit, as an instigator and extortion, as the author.

On Monday, January 3, Gustavo Amarilla, judge in the case, admitted the accusation and set the hearing for the imposition of measures for tomorrow, Thursday, January 13. Here, the former president of the Paraguayan Football Association (APF), could receive a new order of preventive detention, which he will probably have to carry out in the Tacumbú prison. However, with the appeal, it is suspended for about a month.

On December 10, Ramón González Daher was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the crimes of usury, money laundering and false reporting. His son Fernando González Karjallo, was sentenced to five years in prison for money laundering. The sentencing court also established the confiscation of the assets of both defendants for US $ 47 million.

The oral and public trial began on October 11 and ended on December 10. The Sentencing Court specialized in economic crimes was made up of the judges; Claudia Criscioni, Yolanda Morel and Yolanda Portillo.

The former president of the APF, in the complicity of his son, gave usurious loans to a total of 156 people.

Those who had to go through bad times since, in the event of non-compliance with payments, the interests received more additional interest, making the credits unpayable.

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