"A friend from Uruguay": Foreign Ministry greeted Japan on the death of Shinzo Abe

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday conveyed his condolences to the Japanese people for the death of former Minister Shinzo Abe, assassinated during a political act. He also referred to the deceased leader as “a friend from Uruguay” and a personality who “had the responsibility of leading the destinies of Japan with balance, consideration and civic sense”.

Abe died hours after receiving an attack with a firearm, in a political campaign act that he carried out in the city of Nara.

“The Uruguayan government expresses its deepest dismay at the criminal act that ended the life of the former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, happened today in the city of Nara,” the statement said.

“Uruguay roundly condemns these senseless acts of brutalitydirected in this case against a prominent political personality who had the responsibility of leading the destinies of Japan with balance, consideration and civic sense“.

The text also refers to Abe’s relationship with Uruguay and recalls his visit in December 2018. He was the first Japanese president to visit Uruguay. At that time, President Tabaré Vázquez decorated with the “Great Officer” medal of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, according to remember a statement from the Presidency published on the day of his visit.

According to the Foreign Ministry, Abe “It thus contributed to strengthening the solid relations of friendship and cooperation that exist between both nations“.

“The Uruguayan government conveys to the Japanese government and people its sincere condolences for the physical disappearance of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and conveys to his family and friends its deep feeling of regret,” the statement concludes.

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