Reik will arrive in Caracas with his tour En Cambio tour 2022


Reik will arrive in Caracas after 10 years of absence from the country’s stages. Jesús «Chui» Navarro, Julio Ramírez and Gilberto «Bibi» Marin prepare to fall in love and captivate Venezuelan fans with their successful romantic ballads such as «November without you», «Friends with rights», «You would have left before», « But I met you», «I refuse», among other topics. The show will be held on the terrace of the CCCT on Saturday, September 17.

The band will land in Venezuela after an extensive and successful tour of the United States, where they visited more than 24 cities, achieving 13 sold out in just three months after announcing their presentations, and then continuing with instead tour for other cities in Latin America.

They recently participated in the collaboration of the song “Winnie Pooh” with Dimelo Flow, Jay Wheeler and Boza, which has had a great receptivity. In the same way, “Sometimes good, sometimes bad” with Puerto Rican Ricky Martin, a romantic and nostalgic ballad that has achieved the first places on radio billboards, and reaching more than 9 million views on YouTube.

Tickets will be on sale through the Yummy Fun platform and at the CCCT from Monday, July 11.

To learn more about Reik you can follow them through their social networks @reikmx

For more information about the concert, follow the accounts @pppmusicvzla and @manager_shows on Instagram.

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