72% believe that the pension system should be reformed

The consulting firm Equipos presented a survey on what Uruguayans think about the project to modify the retirement age, contained in the social security reform project. Presented in Underlined (channel 10), it is highlighted that 72% of Uruguayans affirm that the pension system must be reformed, while 19% say that “it should be left as it is” and there are 9% of people who do not respond (they do not knows or does not answer).

About the gradual change in retirement age, 37% agree and 24% say that although they “do not like” that, “they would accept it”, so the level of acceptance of the measure, with this age increase scheme normal pension has 61% acceptance.

In turn, the maintenance of retirement age at 60 years is included for those who have jobs with high physical demands. In this case, the level of acceptance of the measure is massive: 83% accept the establishment of this exception; while 12% disagree, 3% give a neutral answer and the remaining 2% do not answer.

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