Ramón Antonio Rojas sentenced to 18 years in prison for “Yumare Massacre”

This Wednesday, at night, from the program “Con el Mazo Dando”, its driver Diosdado Cabello, announced that a sentence was passed on the “Yumare Massacre”, this being the sentence to 18 years in prison for citizen Ramón Antonio Rojas, for being materially involved in this abominable event.

Cabello read the official statement and said that “this sentence is an act of reparation to the victims of this detestable act towards their families.”

On the other hand, he pointed out that it is necessary to know that this citizen is one of the co-authors of the “Cantaura Massacre.”

“This character, the revolutionary leader continued reading, was one of the ex-combatants of the “Antonio José de Sucre” guerrilla front, who accepted the so-called “pacification” during the first Copeyano government of Rafael Caldera. Called by the revolutionaries of the time: the peace of the tombs. Since those who complied with it, if they did not accept passing themselves off as enemies or informers, they were killed.

He also noted that this former guerrilla was known as “Chino Dámaso”, who together with the brothers Norberto and Eligio Rabanales, once captured by the repressive forces, were entrusted with the mission of infiltrating the guerrilla forces, from where they provided the information necessary, to carry out the cowardly «Massacre de Cantaura».


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