5 places to reduce traffic jams

5 places to reduce traffic jams

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The Mayor’s Office of La Paz reported yesterday that the municipal guards will decongest urban transport at five strategic points in the city starting Monday. This measure is intended to reduce vehicular traffic jams during peak hours, especially when students return to class.

“Five operational groups of the Municipal Guard have been arranged as of March 21 for the regulation of traffic at strategic points in the city with the aim of managing traffic effectively, enforcing traffic light times or generating green waves in case if necessary”, said the director of Regulation and Ordering of Mobility of the Mayor’s Office, Luis Alemán.

According to the official, the guards will decongest at the intersections: Costanerita and Calle 9 de Calacoto, Costanerita and Calle 8 de Calacoto, 20 de Octubre and Av. Landaeta, Calles Murillo and Graneros, and Av. Manco Kápac esq. Ave. Pando.

“The municipal guard, by being present and by enforcing signage and traffic lights, will give greater flow, will unravel a bit of the fabric that is often caused when there is no respect for traffic lights or signaling,” said Alemán.

He explained that the municipal action is in response to the increase in motorized vehicles that transport schoolchildren to schools.

He said that the guards will carry out control of vehicles that transport schoolchildren without authorization or accredited motorized vehicles so that they comply with the stop times at the doors of the schools. “There are two operational groups of the Municipal Guard as of Monday for the control of school transport operators without authorization and compliance with the momentary stoppage time for children and young people to enter schools,” he said.

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