5 de Oro record: how to bet in the last hours before the draw

5 de Oro record: how to bet in the last hours before the draw

How much are the jackpots for this 5 de Oro draw?

The Revenge Pit record is $159 million while the Gold pot will be $41 million.

How to play 5 de Oro

For the 5 de Oro there are several ways to place a bet –which costs $60– in addition to the traditional one, at a kiosk or collection point that has the La Banca service.

How to play 5 de Oro online and by cell phone

By telephone, those who have an Antel free contract can call 0905 0012 and place the bet. By cell phone you can also send a message to 5577 with the five numbers, but you must have registered number with which the bet is made in a user of the online platform of La Banca.

Too you can bet online through that platform. For this it is necessary to have a linked credit card to service with the $60 needed to wager.

There are other ways to credit money to the personal account: bank transfers, call 0905 0012 to add $100 or through the “TuApp” application.

The Bank also has the application “Mobile Banking” for cell phones, which allows you to play 5 de Oro from there.

Another application that gives you the chance to play 5 de Oro is YourApp, both from the same app and from its message service. In the second case, it must send a message to 248 that says “5DEORO” followed by the five numbers with a space between each (for example 08 26 45 32 01).

How long can you play 5 de Oro?

The draw, which will take place around 10:00 p.m. next Thursday, January 5, can be followed through the YouTube channel of the National Directorate of Lotteries and Quinielas and also through the website of The Observer.

Bets can be raised from December 31 until 9:00 p.m. on the day of the draw.

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